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A Fundamentally Different Approach​

In the age of Next Generation Sequencing, where numerous companies provide a range of me-too omics services, the EIRNA Bio team is different. For one thing, we don’t rely solely on mRNA abundance detection techniques which have blind spots when it comes to fully understanding gene expression. Rather, we deploy a full suite of translatomic tools to deeply probe protein translation and provide our partners with unique insights and understanding which enables them to accelerate, enhance and de-risk their drug discovery and development activities.

Discovery of useful new drugs means not being restricted by older -omics techniques which provide limited information often leading your research down dead-ends.

Furthermore, we have developed a unique bioinformatics platform called EIRNA Bio Connect. This interactive, secure, browser-based data analytics platform provides you with comprehensive and reproducible analysis without the need for any prior bioinformatic experience – thereby giving you full control of your translatomic data.

So, for every project, EIRNA Bio harnesses the latest techniques and technologies to shed light in a way others cannot and thus help you map the route to drug success.


Shedding light on biological processes to enable bioinnovation

EIRNA Bio is a trailblazer in the field of translatomics, bringing together pioneering scientists, innovative technology, unmatched intellectual horsepower, and years of practical experience. We view ourselves as scientific detectives – relentlessly pursuing new and important clues and synthesizing disparate pieces of evidence to produce a clear picture of processes involving protein translation.

Like the very best detectives, scientific excellence is at the core of what we do – combining intellectual rigor and creativity to provide unrivalled insights into mechanism of action, off-target effects and pharmacodynamic/pharmacokinetic issues.

The proof of our abilities can be seen in the ongoing collaborative partnerships we have fostered with the majority of global blue-chip pharma companies as well as a vast range of emerging and virtual pharma and biotech companies around the world.

Catalysts for breakthroughs in discovery


No other team is as focused or steeped in translatomics. We are at the cutting-edge of the field – constantly pushing back the boundaries of what is possible in both the generation and interpretation of data associated with protein translation.

Unrivalled Insights

Science is all about understanding and explaining phenomena in a given system. This relies on gathering useful data, robustly interrogating it and converting it into useful knowledge and insights. The EIRNA Bio team is positioned better than anyone to do this for standard and non-standard translation events.


The feedback we get from our clients is that they love working with us. This is because we relish the opportunity to work hand-in-glove with you and delve deeply into the science. We respect your expertise and know where ours fits – so that together we can strive to innovate and solve challenging biological puzzles.

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