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    Impactful Collaboration

    We work in a collaborative manner with our partners in the global pharma and biotech industries – enabling them to leverage our expertise to solve problems related to a number of issues including:

    Protein Synthesis

    Drug MoA

    Disease Targets

    Our Approach

    Our engagement with clients and partners typically starts with an extensive dialogue to get to the heart of what biological questions need to be answered. We strive to understand what success will look like for each individual project and what we can we can do to help you achieve this. This then informs the experimental design and implementation.

    We understand that translatomics is an emerging field and that the interpretation of results can be daunting for those who may not have too much experience with techniques such as Ribosome Profiling. For this reason, our team of bioinformaticians has developed a unique browser-based platform (EIRNA Bio Connect) to enable non-experts to easily interrogate and dynamically interact with their data in order to answer the vast majority of translation-related questions which may arise.

    For more in-depth and bespoke investigation, our team of experienced bioinformaticians, biologists and other wet-lab scientists are available to offer unrivalled expertise to deliver unrivalled insights.

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