Translatomic data analysis made easy

Translatomic data analysis made easy

What if you could view your translatomic data using an interactive platform providing you with comprehensive and reproducible analysis without the need for any prior bioinformatic experience? Well, now you can. EIRNA Bio has developed an interactive, secure,  browser-based  data analytics  platform  called   EIRNA  Bio  Connect.

What does EIRNA Bio Connect offer?

Faster turn-around times for data results and exploration

Once we have pre-processed and mapped your sequence data, it will be immediately available to explore and interrogate. Videos and easy-to-follow help pages are provided on the platform itself enabling clients to fully capitalize on the platform’s built-in analytical and visualization capabilities. Workshops can also be hosted for first-time users.

A full suite of Ribo-seq and RNA-seq data analysis functionality available to clients from the outset​

A full suite of Ribo-seq and RNA-seq data analysis tools will be available including QC, DE analysis, Alternate translated ORF prediction, Pause prediction and more. For each transcript, a direct link from each of the above outputs will be available so you can dynamically generate ribosome profiles with zoom functionality for direct on-the-fly exploration of gene transcripts.

Additionally, single comparative ribosome profiles can be generated for comparing potential changes in RPF and RNA-seq read distribution across sample conditions. This can be particularly useful following DE analysis for genes that are predicted to be regulated at the translational or transcriptional level upon treatment compared to control or wild-type conditions.


  • Prior bioinformatic experience is not required. The platform will empower all stakeholders to independently explore and analyze their data.
  • Plots are interactive, allowing users to zoom, pan as well as show/hide different elements of the plot.
  • Access to the same data and parameter settings means reproducible analysis by different stakeholders.
  • Easy-to-share dynamically generated plots via the ‘short code’ system.
  • Ability to cross-reference data from different projects as multiple project data – even for different organisms and different treatments – will all be hosted on the same platform.
  • Secure login access for each user.
  • Downloadable plots in multiple formats, and/or corresponding data for further analysis
  • Continuous platform development to incorporate innovative approaches for Ribo-seq and RNA-seq data interrogation.
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