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The EIRNA Bio Story

Our founders and scientific advisors are pioneers in the area of translatomics and have been at the vanguard of developing cutting-edge translatomics tools and interpretative techniques for many years.

In particular, as the power of ribosome profiling (Ribo-Seq) started to become evident, an increasing number of pharma and biotech companies around the world began to engage with our founders on an ad hoc basis – seeking help with the generation and interpretation of Ribo-Seq data in their discovery programs. We soon realized that there was opportunity to provide these services in a structured and professional way. From this realisation our company was born in 2017. Incorporated originally as Ribomaps we focused on providing ribosome profiling services to the global pharma, biotech and diagnostics industries.

Fuelled by the relationships we forged with these companies (we work with three-quarters of the top 20 global pharma and a wide range of emerging and virtual biotechs) we have expanded our range of proprietary platforms and services and are recognized as the leading player in the wider field of translatomics.  In 2022, we changed our name to EIRNA Bio to reflect this identity.

Our Name

We are often asked about our name. The word EIRNA is derived from a fusion of the Irish word for Ireland (Éire) and RNA (which of course underpins all translational processes).And (perhaps a little more obviously) the “Bio” in our name is short for Bioinnovation – reflecting the company’s innovative culture.

The EIRNA Bio Culture

At EIRNA Bio, our culture is driven by our ELITE values system. Internally we hold ourselves accountable to these values in our everyday work. This means that externally they manifest as the key reasons why our clients value us as long-term strategic partners and collaborators.


We strive for Excellence in everything we do – from how we design and scope your project to ensure we are meeting your key objectives, through to the highest quality execution on the project to how we communicate the project results and their implications.


We embody a culture of personal, professional and scientific integrity. We always provide you with the unvarnished truth about the outputs of our work so that you can rely on its objectivity, clarity, and reproducibility.


The tagline on our logo is “Enabling Bioinnovations” – and this is precisely the environment we wish to create. Our mindset has always been to create an environment in which our team of great scientists can be innovative, ambitious and do great science. In doing this, we can help your team to do the very same.


We consistently seek to push research boundaries and maintain a leadership position at the cutting-edge in the field of translatomics. This means that we are able todeliver valuable insights to help our clients and partners accelerate, enhance and de-risk their early- stage discovery & development.


We pride ourselves on our teamwork and collaborative
mentality. We will always be scientists at heart – and we love nothing more than rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in with you to help discover, develop and explain challenging biological problems.

Meet our Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. John F. Atkins

Dept. of Human Genetics, University of Utah; School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, University College Cork.

Prof. Nicolas Ingolia

Dept of Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley.

Prof. Jonathan Weissman

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, San Francisco; Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Prof. Allen Buskirk

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
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