EIRNA Bio | Enabling Bioinnovations
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What We Do

The ability to gain much deeper levels of insight into protein translation is hugely valuable as it enhances, accelerates and de-risks discovery and development of drugs and diagnostics.



EIRNA Bio is the world leader in understanding standard and non-standard translation events.



We offer a comprehensive service – this encompasses the use of a combination of transcriptomics (RNA-Seq) and translatomic (Ribo-Seq) services and leverages the unsurpassed experience and expertise of our world-class team of molecular biologists and bioinformaticians. We thus have the toolbox and expertise to provide our clients with a full end-to-end service or to provide individual components from this toolbox.


Experimental Design & Data Generation

Experimental Design & Data Generation

Generation of RNA-Seq and Ribo-Seq libraries


Standardized and customized bioinformatic analysis of Ribo-Seq and RNA-Seq data

Computational Data Analysis

Standard, customized, and comprehensive bioinformatic analysis


Providing further bespoke analysis and actionable insights and recommendations

Ancillary Services

Follow-up experiments, western blots, qPCR, luciferase reporter assays

We bring our expertise to bear in a range of cutting-edge technologies (including Ribosome Profiling) in order to provide our partners and collaborators with an in-depth understanding of many key focus areas including: