Harnessing the Power
of Translatomics

How Can We Help You?

    Harnessing the Power
    of Translatomics

    How Can We Help You?

      Unrivalled Expertiseㅤ | ㅤ In-Depth Insightsㅤ | ㅤ Impactful Collaboration

      Unrivalled Expertise

      In-Depth Insights

      Impactful Collaboration

      At EIRNA Bio we work with early-stage discovery and development scientists to help them accelerate, enhance and de-risk their drug and biomarker discovery & development.

      We do this using the latest translatomics tools such as

      Ribosome Profiling (Ribo-Seq & RNA-Seq)

      Sequencing of mRNA fragments covered by ribosomes, providing a global snapshot of translation with single nucleotide resolution in vivo.


      Sequencing of mRNA fragments protected by two ribosomes packed together, providing insights into the phenomenon of ribosome pausing.


      RNA-seq length reads from ribosome bound mRNA transcripts, enabling determination of transcript isoforms and splice variants actively undergoing translation


      Cell type specific sequencing of ribosome protected fragments, enabling accurate measurement of translation within a heterogeneous sample.


      equencing of the 5′ capped region of mRNAs, giving genome-wide identification of transcription start sites and related promoter regions.


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